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Dream Big, Sweet 16

Welcome back friends, and fans alike. I know I have been on a hiatus this past week, but even writers take vacations. I am well rested and ready to get back to work on all of my big dreams. So light the candles for a sweet sixteen celebration with me. First I want to share with you the wonderful experience I had over the weekend; while I wait for the blood moon eclipse to commence. I may have ran up my credit card way too high for my little excursion, but like the commercial, the time I had was priceless. I met the most wonderful people, I made new friends, and I made sure I was going to keep in touch with them in the future. I learned to do new things like model clothing, and to lead with my right foot when making those perfect uniform turns. I also had the great honor of feeling what it was like to become a winner, not only just in place, or show, but to have true showmanship, and being there for others before worrying about myself. It was a great joy to have been a part of something so big, and meet so many fabulously-talented individuals. With all of the excitement surrounding me, with a vast collection of people and machines, I was trying to have the focus of both as a person and as a machine. My nerves were calmed from all the help of my new found friends, especially one amazing woman who took me under her wing from the word hello. I honestly wouldn't know what I would have done without her, and all I could do to help repay her kindness was some extra helping of spackle, help her to undress and redress, and make sure her petticoat was just enough to see peeking along her hemline. To me, she was my winner, and I hope I have the honor of crowning her in the spring. Unlike the clouds which are currently blocking my view of the beautiful super blood moon, my vision of the future is perfectly clear. I no longer need to fear the unknown, because I have overcome it and challenged myself to not only stand my ground and not give in to it, but I have accepted it. It was never the fear itself that had always held me back, it was me all along. I never had the courage to try for worry of failing, because any and all other quests to what I wanted to do ended in failure. As I recall the various occupations I've held in the past, none have given me as great a joy then modeling has brought to me. Yes, of course my dream job is to be a writer and entertain minds, but as a model I can entertain people's hearts, and help to become a good role model for others to develop that confidence, that poise, and that wonderful personality just waiting to come out and shine. Just like that moon, who keeps teasing us with her light, hiding behind the clouds. She may be shrouded in dark fluffiness, but we can still feel her power if we open ourselves up to the possibility of the greatness we have inside. We shouldn't be afraid, it's our own personal power, and it's waiting for us to push our fears aside and let it out. I want to personally thank everyone who helped me on my way, my journey has not been easy. I want to say thanks to those that showed me to always lead with my right foot, to walk with confidence and pride. I'm grateful to those that taught me that no matter how scared I am, or nervous I may be, or how bad my feet may hurt, that I still go out there with a smile on my face, find that last pep in my step to do my best to move forward and give it my all. And do you know what? I did. I worked that stage, I smiled, and no matter how bad it hurt, I made that last step forward. I pushed myself to the limits of what I demanded of myself in order to achieve my goal. In the end I took home the crown, but what I really won was the battle within myself and overcame my fears. No matter how big, or small the winner takes it all. Inside I defeated my enemy, and I carried myself to the finish line. I learned to trust myself, and I stuck to my guns. I learned to have confidence, and courage that I couldn't have done without all of you who have believed in me, and stayed with me on my journey. I've lost my way at times, but I still have all of you to help me stay grounded. And I have all of you to help me dream big.

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