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Dream Big 23 (Special Edition) Break-in to Breakout

I have been humbled by my past, I look to the future with open eyes. I see through to the other side, and past my fears. My journey will not end here. It is only the beginning, if I'm only given the chance to prove I'm worth it. I want to be who I am without restraint, an unbridled creature who lives for the moment. I wish to be looked upon as an equal, not as if I were minuscule. I am more than just the person whom you'd never give a second glance to. I am the one you should look out for I am a beacon of light. In times of struggle to pull oneself out of the mire, pushing through the pain, you can't let go. I must keep trying. I want to find a way to break out of my fears dragging me down, and break-in to the world above. But fear is only the first challenge. I have many other obstacles to face along the way. It's daunting really that I have to find my place. Where do I fit in this puzzle? Or is this a game? I'm ready for the task at hand, to solve the mystery of the missing pieces. Every turn I make leads me to new uncharted places, the obstacles have become the labyrinth. The choices I make can only be right or left, or straight ahead, because I can never go back to where I started. When I look in front of me I can see the path I need to take with only self-doubt on either side. It's a trick of the senses, they seem to always try and get the best of me. Once I have freed myself from the maze of darkness and into the light. I discover my surroundings to no longer be the foundation from where I was held back. Now I am free to be who I was meant to be. I won't let anything stand in my way anymore. I have found my place in this world where I can not only be myself, but I can be anyone I want to be. That is exactly the very thing I have fought so hard to become. I shall be an innovator to not only myself, but to others who may think themselves unfit for this world we live in. I am not unfit, you are not unfit. It is we who should challenge the stereotypes like others before us that have paved the way to greatness. If we don't try to make a name for ourselves than who will? No one will I'm afraid. Stand up alongside one another, let us walk together to achieve our goals to be seen. For we are as beautiful as they are, and someone somewhere is the eye-of-the-beholder. It is only then by their discovery that we can truly be seen. Our beauty within as is without judgement of any other characteristic that is not seen as such. Now it is our time to shine as is my own. I will break-in to breakout, and I will dream big.

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