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I was so hoping that by the time I wrote this I would have had some kind of good news to report, but alas I haven’t any. Since the Dream Big show has been on break, I am writing the column once per week instead of every other when we were airing new episodes. I feel as though I am running out of things to write about, and it may be because nothing has really happened within a week’s time. Although, nothing good has occurred to inspire celebratory words of gratitude; I am currently only receiving words of rejection, and I don’t want to be a Debbie downer.


Dream Big is all about the inspiration to chase your dreams no matter what, and I can’t very well achieve such a goal if I am being negative about my own dreams. I suppose I could writing about my current situation with my tires spinning on the road to success, but it seems as though I’m running out of gas with four flat tires. At least that is how I’m feeling at the moment. I have been ignoring as much of these feelings churning ins...


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For the past few hours I have been trying to come up with a topic to write about for today’s column. However, after posting an image of my cat Wulf, and myself in the mirror this morning; I was finally inspired with what to write about.

Lately I have been posting a lot of professional images on social media to drum up some paying modeling gigs. I have also posted a few selfie images to share how proud I am of myself for losing weight, and getting closer to my body image goal. I would prefer for the professional images to have more of a response than what I have had with the selfies; simply because I think they deserve more attention so to speak. I do not have very many professional nude images, not yet anyway because I felt I was too heavy to share them. The ones I have shared were wonderfully done, and taken by my favorite photographer, Bob Cassady; I have never felt too heavy when working with him. When I was heavier; I didn’t receive as much enthusiasm from other photographers will...


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I have been working diligently these past few weeks on all of my goals, everything from acting, to modeling, and on my book. I have been more active in making sure my headshots are up to date, and have finally acquired a demo reel; thanks to my good friend who is always helping me out when I need it the most. Thank you, Will. I have also been actively pursuing modeling once again, and have posted way more images on social media than I ever before in hopes of getting some paid work. And finally my book is ready to start pitching to agents, with the hopes that I will spark interest, and then set the publishing industry on fire with my work. Ok, so I may have been a little overzealous on that last part. But hey, a girl can dream right? The only thing I have yet to work on is the next season of Dream Big. 

As you all know Dream Big has been on a long holiday break. It is mainly so the show’s producer, and I can get caught up on other projects we are working on. I have made my initial guest...


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The holidays have come and gone taking 2017 along with them. I look toward the new year with hope that my dreams will begin to manifest into reality. Although, day one of the new year my dishwasher stopped working, and then flashed a code at me. Sometimes I wish certain things in life would flash a code to tell you exactly what the problem is so there’s no guessing involved. You can work hard towards your goals, but when things go south there’s no flashy code to tell you where you went wrong. Of course, instead of moping around that the dishwasher somehow was an omen of what’s to come in the new year; I do what I do best, take a deep breath, and then accept that the universe is teaching me a lesson.

A new year also includes the traditions of setting resolutions for ourselves. I personally have several that have been set into motion for a few years now, and I am still waiting for them to bloom like a Giant Himalayan Lily. Although, lately it’s more like a Corpse Flower; everything seem...

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