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The best things in life are often times magical. Children,pets, good health, and perhaps a job we can be proud of, are all things we may have in our lives to be thankful for. Every day when I wake up I am surrounded with such blessings. Although, it is unfortunate that we sometimes take the things which are most precious to us for granted. I too am guilty for not appreciating what I do have, instead of only concentrating on what I don’t have. We are only human after all.

I will begin sharing what I am grateful for, and perhaps all of you out there can also be thinking of what you are thankful for as well. First and foremost I am thankful for my children. I am so grateful that they are healthy, and even though as kids cannot be happy all the time, they are in fact happy for being loved, and taken care of. The second thing I am thankful for are my fur-babies. The cats, and dogs may not know it, but they too are healthy, happy, loved, and they make my heart happy. The third thing I am gr...


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I can not believe that Season 3 of Dream Big has almost come to an end. I am here to promote our Season Finale, which of course will be our next episode. This season has been packed full of some of the most incredible people that I have ever met, and I am so honored by those guests who have come on the show to share their big dreams with me. I know the courage it takes to chase after what you desire the most, and it takes even greater courage to talk about in on camera to an audience of strangers. I know it is a challenge for myself to talk about what I am doing, or not doing. I feel as though sometimes talking about trying to achieve your dreams isn’t actually going to make them happen. The most difficult for me is the fact that I haven’t made it yet to where I want to be, and it seems to be that much harder to inspire others when I haven’t made it to my end goal. Honestly, the entire point to Dream Big is to show others that I am still grinding away, and working my ass off to make th...


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There are times in our lives when all we really need is a good laugh, and I am here to help make that possible. No, I am not going to be funny, but let me introduce you to someone who is, and a professional at it; I guarantee it. Although, you have already met him once before, and I am pleased to introduce him once again as one of the funniest men in Knoxville. Jay Kendrick is just one of those men you just can’t help but laugh at, his jokes that is, but I will leave all the funny stuff up to him.

It was during our first season of Dream Big when he was on the show last, and he promised when he finished his new album he would return to the show to share it with us. Of course I was super stoked when he agreed to a return visit, and not only did he bring a copy of his latest achievement, he also performed a few of his comedic routines for me after the interview. If you can’t wait to find out more about his new album, then watch this hilarious new episode of Dream Big. You definitely don’...


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Dogs and cats living together can be total chaos. I recently adopted a new puppy we named Hella, a week after my older dog Athena had passed away. When I say puppy I mean technically sixteen months is still considered a puppy for a German Shepherd. Although, actions speak louder than words when you come home after your routine of dropping kids off at school, and then going for your morning walk; only to return to a few items lovingly chewed to pieces. Puppies no matter what their age need structure, and toys because not only are they still teething; they do become bored and lonely, and boy does my pup get bored. It is unfortunate that my older dog Isis, who is also a German Shepherd, is way passed the playful antics she once had as a puppy, and she is not very good at entertaining her new young friend. It is also to be as unfortunate for the new tenant of the house that the cats do not humor her either.


Hella is a sweet and curious pup when it comes to the six cats who believe they r...

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