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Stress, we all have it, and nobody wants it. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do in life, we all have various forms of stress. Some people may be exactly where they want to be in life, have everything they could possibly want, but they too still experience stress in one form or another. Perhaps it may not be as great or as challenging for some, but for everyone else who are either seeking relief from it, or are already on some form of medication for it. Although, there are a few natural ways to combat the stress in your life, and I will only share with you some things that I do, because I too have stress in my life.

The number one thing that I have found to help alleviate stress for me is to be aware, and acknowledge what exactly is the root of the stress. This may sound kinda corny but it does work. I write down what is the culprit to my stress. You heard me, write it down. When you put something in writing it has a place that you can physically see with your own eyes, and...


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I am so pleased to see any of my previous guests moving forward in their careers, and making their dreams come true. It was a pleasure working on set with Pete Pitts, as it was having him on a previous episode of Dream Big, and it is an honor to have him return to the show. This time he has brought with him a book he wrote while on his path to success, and he shares with me how he was compelled to write it.

It is not often enough when I get to meet such incredible people, but Pete is one of those individuals who has gone the extra mile for his dreams. When I read his book Path to Success; I was blown away by the incredible wisdom that he has achieved, and the sacrifices he had to make to be where he is today. As someone who has been around the block a few times; I was influenced by his words to be a better person, and to not allow myself to give up on my own dreams. Pete Pitts is inspired, and I hope you will be too after watching this episode of Dream Big.

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Today we live in a society where both women and men should have their own sense of strength, courage, and unique individuality. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In light of most recent events on the news, the powerful has become the weak, and oh how the mighty has fallen. I am not one for commenting on anything political, or even controversial, but due to the nature of the beast; I am compelled to share this...

It should not matter whether you are a male or a female, a baby, a child, a young adult, or even an adult for that matter, but it does. It should not matter the color of your skin, your sexual preference, or even your religion, but it does. It should not matter if you are a victim, or the aggressor, but it does. It should not matter how you wear your clothes, or carry yourself with confidence, but it does. It should not matter whether you want it, like it, or even hate it, sex should always be consensual, but sometimes it is not. No one should have to be a victim, but somet...


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Fall break is upon us, and my kids are out of school, but somehow I manage to keep them occupied. Although, they maybe entertained for the time being I struggle with having some peace and quiet. As a creative individual I find it challenging to say the least when it comes to having time to get anything done; I am used to them being at school for most of the day.

It has taken me a few hours to come up with something to write about, and honestly I am still unsure of an actual topic. I haven’t done anything remotely exciting since the last Dream Big Column, and I don’t have anything exciting planned, or happening any time soon. To be honest I have only been a recluse; I have been literally stuck at home, and on social media probably more than I should be. Granted I have been walking everyday, and working out; I think that counts.

As far as Dream Big the series goes; we just released a new episode last week, and with four more episode remaining until Season 3 comes to a close. I am alway...


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Many years ago I began my first journey into the world of modeling; it was something I had never thought could ever be a possibility for me, until I met Sam Comer. He took me under his wing and showed me that modeling didn't necessarily mean I had to be almost six feet tall and a size zero. I learned to finally see myself as beautiful, something that I had never looked at myself as being before, and I couldn't have come out of my cocoon without him.

Over the years I kept in touch with Sam Comer; I watched his career grow from an amazing photographer into an incredible filmmaker, and I was ecstatic when he agreed to be a guest on the show. Sam shared with me his journey from creating still images to moving ones, and we reminisced about our early days of working together. I do hope that you enjoy this episode of Dream Big, and stay tuned to the end of the episode when Sam, and I share tips on how to pose for promotional photos for a professional acting, or modeling portfolio.

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