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There are times in our lives when things do not go as planned. No matter how much we want them to go the way we want them to, life simply doesn’t work that way. I have had a week exactly like this. Don’t get me wrong; I did have a wonderful surprise too. I was asked to be a guest on a local radio show called, The Morning After, on 94Z. I had a blast, it was so much fun hanging out in the studio, and Jake, and Tory were so incredibly cool. The best part was finally getting to talk about Dream Big on a different media platform other than just the interwebs. I couldn’t have been anymore pleased to help share what the show is really about which of course is our guests, and what they are doing to make their dreams happen. To be honest that was the highlight of my week, and I’m good with that.


Although, I did not fair as well at the Punk Rock Flea-Market event; as far as selling any of the Dream Big merchandise, but hey it happens. It was my first flea-market, and was so wonderfully set up...


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Do you ever have that feeling when something feels overwhelming, but you are not quite sure what it is exactly? Today I sorta have that feeling, and I am not sure why. I had an interesting past week, some good, some bad, but hey, we have to roll with the punches right. I always feel like such a petty human being about wining about my problems when so many people have just had their homes wrecked, or their lives turned completely upside down because of some kind of natural disaster or another. It breaks my heart that I cannot do anything to help; I do not live close enough to volunteer, and I don't have enough money to donate because I can barely support my own family at the moment. Not only do I feel helpless, I feel completely useless as a human being. I pray to all the Gods that they will get the help they need to overcome this hardship, and are able to reconnect with their homes, loved ones, and pets. Blessed Be to you all.

Anything I say at this point about my life pales in comparis...


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I had the privilege of sitting down and getting to know three very talented musicians, Dillon, Brandon, and Bart of the Manhattan 3, and they were kind enough to not only share their dreams with me, but they also performed a few of their songs after the interview. I absolutely love it when guests come on the show, and show off their talents; it is not everyday when you are serenaded by three handsome gentleman. 

Although, they did do more than simply answer a few questions, and play a few songs off of their most recent album. The guys of the Manhattan 3 shared with me what music meant to them, what it's like out there on the road touring, and what life would be like without music. They also gave some great advice to others who are chasing their dreams. You don't want to miss out on this episode of Dream Big, or the talented Manhattan 3. 

Life can hit some low notes on occasion, but don't give up searching for the high ones. Keep playing music so they can hear your song, and always dream...


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Dear Dream Big,

Today has been kinda crazy so far, my eldest son came to visit with the promise of hanging out with me, and taking me to lunch, but then he ditched me for a younger woman. I can't say that I blame him, I am his mom, and not some hot little trollop to pass the time with. After he left I spent the past few hours on social media, and then decided I needed to write my column for Monday. I tried to come up with a topic to write about, but I was distracted by cat, and food videos. I asked my friends across the world wide social media web what they thought I should write about. A few just weren't for me because I can't honestly write about what I don't know, or haven't experienced for myself yet. I do try to keep things positive and inspirational, but my muse has stepped out on me today. So here I am to write down my feelings about what happened this past week that all began with my birthday. 

The weekend isn't even here yet, and I am already reflecting on what has been going on...

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