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There comes a time in a Hostess's life when simply one guest at a time just isn't enough, and you have to have two. I was a pretty lucky lady to achieve such a small request when I interviewed August, and Frank Aguilar. I had the pleasure of getting to know what incredible filmmakers they are, and they shared with me what the best and worst parts of the filmmaking process was for their latest film. You really don't want to miss this episode of the greatest father, and son duo to ever create silver screen magic together. Please, do not just take my word for it, watch the episode and see for yourself. 

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No matter what you want to do in life, create a vision for all to see, and always dream big. 


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Being body positive is all over the internet these days. But what does it all really mean? Does it mean that you are simply comfortable in your own skin? Does it mean you are happy with who you are? Does it even mean you are healthy? These are the questions that I asked myself years ago when I stopped starving myself to be thin. I asked myself as to when exactly did I begin this nonsense of crazy dieting, or practically starving myself to be thin and attractive because that is what I thought you had to look like as a female. How young is too young to even think that this is normal? 

The earliest recollection I had as a young girl that I was getting fat was when I was about twelve years old. It was when puberty had really kicked in and I couldn't fit into any of my clothes from when I was considered tall and skinny for my age the year before. It is so weird how much one can change within a year, and how much I had changed from age eleven to twelve. My body seemed to keep getting pudgy, a...


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A few months ago I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with the lovely, and talented designer, Erin Fowler. We had a great time while on set, sharing a few laughs together, and discussed various topics such as, designing clothes, jewelry, and what her advice was to others who are chasing their dreams. When I look back at all of the behind scenes photos that were taken I couldn't help but notice that in almost all of them we were laughing, and having a fabulous time. I do hope that you will enjoy watching this episode as much as we did filming it. 

When we set our own stage in life we prepare ourselves to be the best act we can be, but we can lose hope of a sold out show. So no matter what, we must go on, and always dream big. 


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There are certain things in life that you just simply can not learn in a class, or from a textbook; sometimes experience is the only true form of learning one can receive. It doesn't matter what it is, so long as you absorb the knowledge taken from the action, and then you can put it to use. Such experiences are priceless, and one thing to always remember is that if you have help along the way; you be sure to pay it forward later. 

Although I may not have all the answers, and I may not have experienced all there is to learn yet, I have managed to pass on what I do know whenever I can. And that is exactly what I try to do with each episode of Dream Big, or within every column that I write. Occasionally when I am out working on a set somewhere, whether for a movie or television show, I do try and make sure I pass on my knowledge to anyone I meet who is new to the business. As I mentioned earlier, I don't know everything there is to know about the entertainment business, but what I do know...

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