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There comes a time in everyone's lives when we must make difficult decisions that could possibly change the outcome of our own story. I for example am at a major crossroad on my journey to my dreams, and it's time that I choose the correct path for me...

With only three more weeks until I reach the 100th Dream Big, the clock is ticking, and my time is nearly up. I have decided that the 100th will be a special episode of the show, not only to recap my journey thus far, but to announce whether I will give up on my personal dreams as well. I know for many of you I may be a little hasty in my decision, but to be honest it has been nearly three years since I began my journey, and two years of documenting it with my column. Of course I know that what I am attempting to do takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort to achieve my goals. It also hasn't helped at all being harassed by those who feel I've stolen the show out from under them, and being threatened by them that they'll ruin my life i...


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Today is the first episode from the new season of Dream Big. It seems as though we've had a long break, but in fact it has only been approximately two months. I am grateful to have such a wonderful team to get this new season up and going; and I'm also grateful for the fans that we have who watch, and support the show. Thank you. 

I hope everyone enjoys this first show opener, where I talk about the upcoming season, some of the changes that I have planned, and what's been going on with me during the break. I have had a lot happen since filming this episode a week ago, I lost my day job, which is an entirely different story that I'll share at another time.  I did however book my last guest to complete the season; although, I am still looking for someone to be my Season Finale guest. *hint, hint, wink, wink* 

In all seriousness, I do hope that you enjoy this first episode of Dream Big, please share it with others so we may kick this season off with a bang, and if you liked the sh...


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Time seems to have flown by since I first began writing my Dream Big column. We are already at the 95th one with only five weeks remaining until the 100th, and this has a very powerful meaning behind it. Although I've mentioned this before, I began my column to keep a record of my journey to becoming a published author, a model, and an actress. Now, I have the Dream Big show, and the inspiration behind that came about when I interviewed a few individuals for my column. I couldn't imagine that many people would relate to my story, so I thought I'd better include other individuals who were chasing their dreams as well. To be honest, I felt that the people I'd interview were so much more interesting than I was, and to be honest they were. It was shortly after that when I came up with the idea for the interviews to be recorded, so I approached my good friend Will Allman of Fanboy Productions what his thoughts were on the subject. Well obviously he thought it was a good idea or I wouldn't b...


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Life as we know it could change in an instant, whether it is because of an accident, or something else such as an opportunity you have only dreamt about. The funny thing is that in the blink of an eye even the smallest decisions can have the largest impact. Sometimes they can be a positive change, while others are left with a lifetime of regret. I have struggled with the various changes I have had in my lifetime thus far, and I know now that all the things I have set in motion will either be what moves my goals forward, or they will set them back so far that I won't be able to regain my footing. It's a scary thought in all actuality; the thought of losing everything I've worked so hard for, but on the flip side I could gain everything I've ever wanted in life. To be honest, my only true wish is to be able to do all the things I love, and still be able to earn a living without stress or worry that my bills won't get paid, or where the next meal will come from. I hate being on the fence...

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