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I am so pleased to say that Dream Big Season 3 is getting closer than ever to begin filming. I have been busy putting together my guest list for the new season, as well as making sure the Dream Team is all aboard for what new things we have planned. The actual show isn't the only thing we are counting down to. The 100th Dream Big, will be the deciding factor of whether I continue to chase my own personal dreams. With only seven weeks to go I am hoping that at least one of my goals will have taken me off to a great start, and that I don't give in to my fears and doubts that have been plaguing me lately. Now, I will be closer to my greatest challenge I have yet to face, and I will need your support in order to help me keep these dreams alive. And to help Dream Big move forward to its next evolution. 

I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful support group from my Dream Team, they not only volunteer their time and resources to breath life into to the show, but they truly believe in w...


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It's the moment of truth as some would call it. Can I really have it all? The kids, the bills, the responsibilities that come with it, and still make time for a career? I am not just talking about any career either, this is the one that dreams are made of...

We all do the juggling act between life, love, and still try to laugh at the things that's seem to bring us down. This is by no means an easy task, to be honest it's the worst. I have spent the past few weeks trying to spring clean around the kids schedules and mine in order to gain control of my house, and organize the chaos. It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it. How do I do it? With a lot of baskets, and plastic organizers. And duct tape for the kids. (Just kidding) *maybe not* (yes I am) *who does that* Anyway that's a different story for another day. 

Today is the here and now. And now I'm rambling because I chose to wait until the last minute to write this column. See, I'm a busy woman, but somehow I manage to make thing...


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The countdown to the Dream Big 100 has begun, and with only nine more to go the next few months will be interesting to say the least. It's a pretty surreal time for me as I am basically setting a timeframe for my goals. Why would I do that you ask? The answer is simple: I set this inconceivable idea for myself when I started my Dream Big column, and I tend to work better under pressure. I know it's almost madness when you sit and ponder it, but I have always felt that if it's meant to be it will happen. I also know that if I've worked really hard to do something for such a long period of time then  at some point if I've not achieved my goals I'd have to let go someday. As for now I will be working my way to completing the goals I've set, and continue to share my journey with you. 

These past three weeks have been nothing but nonstop excitement. From appliances and plumbing going down, to the mass spring cleaning purge, I've managed to keep my sanity. I'm not sure how, but I ha...


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We have arrived to the 90th Dream Big! I can not believe that only ten more remain until we reach the 100th! Do you remember our first episode of Dream Big? I had the lead singer Whitey Mack, of La Basura Del Diablo, as my first guest. I was so nervous, but I honestly think we both were at that time, and it ended up being a pretty good first episode of the show. Now that I've had some experience hosting, and acting, I'm no longer that stiff, nervous, hostess you met two seasons ago. Time does fly, and so does the season; it can really get away from you when you're having as much fun as the Dream Team and I do, along with our guests. If you could only see the outtake reels, and perhaps one day you will; but for now let's talk about the Season Finale...

First, I want to thank my guest La Basura Del Diablo for being on Dream Big. Second, it was such a pleasure to have Whitey Mack back on the show. Third, to hang out with the rest of the guys from the band, and have them share their dreams...

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