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Have you ever had a passion about something so strong that it felt as if it would consume you? I feel that way constantly. As a writer, it comes in waves; one minute it seems as though sand is whirling around in my head, and then the next minute a tidal wave is crashing down. I honestly never know when the words will come naturally as I prefer forcing them to bend to my every whim. What makes this interesting is that I feel equally as passionate about acting as I do writing. Unfortunately, I have no choice as to when I can act, because I have to wait for the opportunity to arise when my efforts of submitting for roles come in. Sure I can stand in front of a mirror, record myself, or even step outside in the middle of a busy shopping mall and act away until my little heart is content; or they take me to jail, whichever comes first. The point is that as an actor, being on a set, meeting others sharing the same dreams, and learning by watching other seasoned actors in the business is pric...


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All morning long I have been pondering what I should write. Without any inspiration to pull from, I decided to look through two really old notebooks, covered in dust, and paper discolored. The words written in pencil by a troubled, love-sick teen had long since faded in the years of 1989-1990. If I were to write another "dear teen me letter", I would ask myself, "What in the hell is wrong with you?"

I didn't read all of the lovestruck poetry because there was too much drivel to be read. Although it wasn't all about love; there was a lot of hate poetry and song lyrics mixed in, most likely after a bad break-up. I wasn't too bad of a writer back then, I actually managed to write a decent poem that wasn't about whomever I fancied at the time. I suppose I was that typical female teen who was so in love with every boy that I was "dating" that I did stupid shit for them; for example, running away from home, or trying to commit suicide over them. I feel sorry for my poor parents and the dumbas...


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I can honestly say that this week has been incredibly rough; I have been sick, and I am still not back to being 100%. I think this week was the only week to be grateful I wasn't selected by one of the roles I'd submitted for; there would have been no way I could've worked on a set somewhere. Needless to say I'm now on the road to recovery, but being sick can sometimes bring you down emotionally and mentally. I have had too much time on my hands to think the worst, and become the enemy again. 

You might think that I'm all sunshine and rainbows 24-7, but in all actuality, I am not; I am only human. I hurt myself more than anything, and I allow myself to go into a mental black hole that seems to suck all the positivity right out of me. Although it may also put things into perspective if you choose to make light of the mental situation you may find yourself in. I try so hard to not allow my self-doubt monster to take over, but it's so damn hard when the rest of your body isn't in the best s...


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I am so pleased to introduce a great guy that I've had the pleasure of working on set with, and I was super stoked when he agreed to be a guest on the show. Cris Pearson is in every sense of the word talented; he's a great comedian, but can also play that role of the perfect villain that you love to hate, making him quite versatile as an actor. I was able to get him to do some pretty cool impersonations, and share with me how he has managed to keep chasing his dreams of being an actor, and his advice to others who are chasing their dreams. I do hope you enjoy today's brand new episode of Dream Big, and please share with others who could use a little extra inspiration in their life. 

Never allow yourself to be a puppet on the string of life, cut the ties that bind you from becoming the master of your destiny, and always dream big. 

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