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There are times in my life where I feel that I'm not doing enough to make my dreams happen. I work very hard to promote Dream Big, my guests, and my brand, yet I still feel as though no matter how much I spend on social media getting the word out that it's still not enough. I've been told that right now I'm doing all that I possibly can do at this moment in time, and to be patient because it will all come to fruition when it's meant to be. But then I become frustrated with myself because I feel stuck, with no way out and nothing left to do; it's out of my control now. And my show isn't the only thing I'm working on, I'm still looking for acting jobs as well. I literally do a daily hunt on multiple occasions throughout the time that I'm awake for roles I could possibly fit, but that can be a little frustrating when I can only apply for roles according to the stereotype I fit into. My tattoos can be covered with apparel, and I can remove my nose rings too if the need arises, but I feel a...


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I can't believe we have arrived to the eightieth Dream Big, and it is a special one because it's also a new episode of the Dream Big show. I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate than introducing my special guest, comic book artist, Sean Seyfert; it was truly an honor to meet such a talented and intelligent individual as he. As an artist, he had me in awe when I saw not only the fine illustrations he presented, but the creativity that went into his work is beyond measure. I hope that all of our Dream Big fans out there will enjoy watching the episode as much as I enjoyed filming it. Please like, comment, subscribe, and share with others who may need a little inspiration. 

In a galaxy where twins triumph over a dark lord, unafraid of the force choking grasp of evil, and men go on a journey through space to unknown worlds, where no man has gone before. These are the logical findings that inspire hope within us all. May the Force be with you, and always dream big!


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The holidays have come and gone followed by a new year full of promise. I do not do the whole New Year's resolution thing; they always go unfulfilled like a fad diet. When I make goals they are a permanent life-long challenge that I make in order to achieve success. And I don't take those lightly; I obsess with them. 

I have constructed a list of my plans to make happen this year that have already been set in motion last year, but I intend to kick things up a notch or two. First things first, I will continue to go further in my acting career. There are so many new and exciting opportunities that only come around so often, and I don't intend to miss a minute of it. I want to travel and visit new cities while I'm working on set somewhere; and learn everything I can to further my acting education. I want my resume to become so full of new acting credits that I have to take off all the starter jobs I had as an extra. It may be a tall order to make, but I'm going to see to it by the end of t...


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I'm so excited to ring in the New Year with a brand new episode of Dream Big. We had a wonderful first year starting the show, but I can't wait to see just what 2017 will bring.  I'm proud to introduce our guest for this weeks episode; published author Brooks Benjamin. As a writer myself it was difficult to contain how excited I was to meet one of my peers that I look up to and want to be like when I grow up. I was able to keep my fan girl excitement to a professional level, but there was a snoopy dance that ensued off camera for sure. I can't put into enough words to describe just how cool Brooks Benjamin was on set, and what a natural personality he has for show biz. But don't simply take my word for it; this you must see for yourself. 

Behind every great book there's a story to tell. It's not about how it happened, but the journey that inspired it. Become the author of your life, and always dream big!

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