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Happy Halloween! I'm pleased to announce that the Dream Big season opener is here. I had a blast filming this episode as I hope you enjoy watching it as well. It's a one on one with yours truly. I will have a few announcements to make, and a few other juicy tidbits you'll want to sink your teeth into. Please join me on this delightful new season of Dream Big if you dare...I'll be waiting for you...

We may not be able to see what the future holds, but we can gaze into it, and always Dream Big!


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Fall is here and Halloween is just a week away. The leaves are beginning to change and the air will soon be filled the the aromas of pumpkin and spice. And that's not all that is soon to arrive. I'm excited to announce that the first episode of the new season of Dream Big will be airing on my YouTube channel! Of course it will be a special Halloween episode too; you won't want to miss it. The format will change just a little bit this season, but the same inspirational feelings will wash over you when you watch real people sharing their stories to make the American dream come true for them. It will be a great season, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of my new guests. 

As for myself, I have been diligently working on preparing for the shows new season and some big changes will be on the horizon. I do hope you all will stick around for some big news in the near future. I've been working hard to achieve some of my own personal dreams, and this time I have the help of my Dream Big team...


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Dreams can become quite frightening the closer you are to them coming true. I'm standing at the crossroads waiting for the next road to open. It's been closed now for so long, but now the blockade that was once in my way is slowly coming down. I shouldn't feel shocked that I'm starting to panic. 

Is this really going to happen? Am I really one step closer for what I've worked so hard for coming true? 

I want to believe it is, but it seems like only yesterday when I crawled out from under that rocked named fear. It's as though I'm still trapped beneath it with no way out. My entire life has often been filled with so many others disbelief that what I've dreamt of doing will never happen; it's too risky they said. And after years of negativity I started to believe what they were saying must be true. After all, if they loved me they wouldn't say such things unless it was to prevent heartache. Right? 

They were wrong. All of them. 

I created my own fate, because I walked for miles after what I'...


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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing a great group of guys including: Josh Turner, Pete Pitts, Stacy Crowder, and Skyler Felton. These four fabulous gentleman came from a great distance to be on my show. They were such a blast to meet, and we had fun just hanging out after we finished filming. I'm sure that you will recognize a few of them (if not all of them) on various television shows and movies, but I hope that you'll remember what wonderful people they are after you watch this episode. They not only made for the most comical guests, but they also brought the house down for the season finale. But don't be alarmed! Dream Big will return with all new guests, and perhaps some special repeat guests as well. So stay tuned right here on this website, and on my YouTube Channel for what's to come when season two debuts in a few more weeks. Thank you for watching!

We all have those incredible moments we'll never forget; live for the memories, and always Dream Big!


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Today's column is all about changes, and what's to come for Dream Big. It's not only for the column itself, but for the show as well. My personal goals for the column will still be as they have always been: including sharing my ups and downs, my achievements, and my plans for the future. As for the show, there are some big changes to come. But first we shall have our season finale due to come out next Monday so stay tuned right here on my website, and my YouTube channel. I'm not going to say what new things are in store right now, but if you're a fan of the show now, you definitely don't want to miss out on what's to come.

I myself am always a constant chameleon. I love change; you could say I live for it actually, but what I enjoy most about change is growth. It has taken me years to perfect my current image, and in the past I have gone back and forth with what I thought I should look like. For instance, I naturally have black hair, but in the past I've been every shade of the rainbow,...

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