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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful lady that I have had two super cool opportunities to work with. Myranda Jo McGhee can do it all, raise a family, be a model, and is a talented actress. It's not easy being a busy mom, but if anyone can do it she can. And that love she has for her kids, and the passion she has for her dreams are what sets her apart from everyone else. She has what it takes to make it, and I'll watch proudly as she paves the way for others who are chasing their dreams. 

Even if you're afraid of making a few waves, sometimes the best way to make a splash is to jump right it, and always Dream Big!


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Take the time to stop and think for a moment, about how you got to this point in your life. You oftentimes think of the past, and how it made you who you are today. Then you daydream about what might happen in the future. But do you ever stop and think about right now? About how it can shape you into the person you will become. Life doesn't present itself with a manual the minute you arrive on this planet; trust me, your parents wish you had. You have to learn from what lifes' lessons throw at you; sometimes you catch it, sometimes you throw it back. But for whatever the reason being that you choose to do what it is you decide in this life. Make sure it doesn't hurt whomever just might be involved. Can we help it? Most of the time no, but we can at least try. Forgiveness comes from those who can let go of the past, live for the present, and hold on to the dream of that possible future.

If your dreams are too big to grasp, do you give up on your dreams? Or do you downsize your dreams to...


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I had the pleasure of interviewing an extraordinary and talented lady, Jessica Klaaren, of Jessica Klaaren Jewelry. She is by far the most talented jewelry maker I've ever met, and I was honored that she was willing to come on my show so I could ask her some questions, and she had no idea what they were going to be. But like all my previous guests she aced every question with honesty, and enthusiasm. I hope that she will return again and bring even more beautiful pieces of wearable artwork. 

Even if you can only strand one bead at a time, believe you can do it, and always Dream Big!


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Another birthday has come and gone yet again. When will they stop coming around? I see no point in having one anymore. It serves absolutely no real purpose at all. And do I really need a yearly notice to remind me about my age and that my time is slowly drawing to an end? Not so much. So from here on out I'm just going to have unbirthdays. But no sooner will I dive back into that rabbit hole for yet another dreadful calendar reminder. Perhaps something interesting will come of it; next year of course. Until then I'll keep on the right path and continue this journey to my dreams. 

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I know what the present has brought thus far. 

Each day is another step towards the goals I set for myself. It's almost become monotonous how it begins. I get up, take kids to school, go walk five miles, come home to shower and get dressed. I then make tea or I have some already set aside and ready to drink, perhaps I'll have some sort of breakfast before I start wh...

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