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As humans we rely on the companionship of others, whether it's our siblings, a best friend, or a romantic partner. But not everyone has a significant other, siblings, or friends, sometimes, we're just alone. What can a person do without having a companion in there life to rely on? The answer is simple, we find the perfect pet. 

Animals have been man's best friend for thousands of years. When mankind first arrived on the scene, he had to hunt and gather in order to survive. He had made a deal with Wolves, feeding them scraps in order to obtain their favor when they returned from a hunt. But then something miraculous occurred when the wolves, (who were mostly solitaries that had been kicked out of the pack), joined man in the hunt and adopted him as the new pack leader. Then over time the wolf became not only another great hunter for man, but he slowly became domesticated, the first "pet" so to speak. And wolves weren't the only wild animals utilized in hunting, in some countries big...


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The triple A's of the journey to your dreams start with with your Aspirations, achievements, and acceptance...


We as humans have long since the dawn of time looked to the stars and wondered...What is out there? Where do I belong? What do I want? Will we find it amongst those stars? Those are all very good questions, but the truth is that the answers are already there within us; you just have to know where to look. We aspire to be many things. When we're children we want to be like our parents. When we're teenagers we want to be like our idols. When we're adults we want to be everything we believed to be. But some of us don't make it to our end goal upon adulthood, or really know what that end goal is. Some of you may still be trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Others may know, but are having difficulty getting where they want to be. And the lucky ones are enjoying the fruits of their labors. But just because all of your aspirations haven't blossomed yet doesn't me...


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"Hello, I'm Rose Marie Machario, and welcome to Dream Big!"





Today is the second installment of my video series for the Dream Big YouTube Channel. Although today I don't have an interview per say, but it is a little different. Last week I wrote about my dreams and how they came to be, so in today's video I touch base with a lot from that column. I know seeing is believing, and I know not everyone are readers or have time to read; therefore was born my Dream Big Channel. Writing is still a huge part of the stories, and interviews I share, but I like taking a step further by showing as well as telling. And taking things above and beyond is what I do. I'm always try to go the distance no matter how far it seems to be, but my journey I am sharing with the world, and I hope that one day the world will share their dreams with me. 






Live life to the beat of your heart, never lose who you are, and dream big...










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Lights, camera, action. To some people those are just words used to describe a common

phrase. But to me, those words are beautiful. When you know in your heart what you want to do, want to achieve in life, and the mere thought of not doing it  destroys you inside. Although

wanting doesn't necessarily mean it will happen. 


When I was a little girl my family had horses. I rode fairly well for an eight year old. At the time I had never dreamt of being an actress, but I loved being in front of a camera. Then it all changed after watching National Velvet, with Elizabeth Taylor. I had previously seen her in Lassie Come Home, but it wasn't until she was on a horse that it had my attention.  I loved horses, and I wanted to be just like Miss Taylor.  Then one day my father had come home from work with some interesting news he'd heard. A movie was being made within close proximity of our area and they were looking for a dark haired little girl that could ride horses.  Of course I heard...


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In nature we see so many different colors, in several shapes, and forms. Animals species from reptiles, to birds are oftentimes the most vibrant we see in the wild, from the darkest shades of black to the brightest shades of pink, and possibly every shade in between. 
Trees also vary in in a multitude of colors, not only are their flowers seen in various hues, but even the leaves change in color with the seasons. 

Humans have not only adopted these variants in color we find in nature, but we also mimic there ever changing form. We not only change our hair color from natural colors, to unnatural colors, but our skin color as well, with the usage of tanning beds, spray tans, skin bleaching, or paint ourselves in an array of art tattooed into our skin.  

Since the dawn of mankind we have adapted to our surroundings, and no matter where we are from, we all have that special sense of style that makes us the unique individuals that we are. Every country, state, city, and town is a reflecti...

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