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In the time of World War II, millions of people from both the Allied, and Axis sides died, during one of the largest wars in history from September 1939, to September in 1945. 

During this war approximately 400,000 U.S. women served with Armed Forces, and more than 500 lost their lives as a result. On the Homefront the 'total war' recruited not only women to fight for their country on the battlefield, but also in factories to replace the shortage of men in order to make munitions, and other war supplies. 

Nearly 19 million women held jobs during wartime since it was a 'total wartime', meaning everyone had to be enlisted for the war effort. Women had to take over the factory jobs in order to keep the economy moving, and the factories working. They recruited women from their homes with the pitch, 'if you can operate an electric mixer, you can operate a drill'. But by 1944 when the U.S. seemed to be sure to win the war, women were told to go back to their domestic duties. Some still...


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Mother Earth forgive us for what we've done, we take you for granted and you're our only one. 


No life on Mars, no time in space, without you, no human race. If people could see passed money and greed, we'd have no worries, in this time of need. 


You hurt me

You burn me

Uproot me

You kill our young

Destroy us without cause

You hurt me

You hurt me

Defeat me and you'll see

My anger rise again

I'll show you what I'll do

Let my wrath begin


One world, one voice, we can help make the choice. Hear her cries, mercy she pleads. Help her heal, give her what she needs. One world, one voice, only one choice to make. We can take it all, or give it back. One chance to lose, or take the fall. 


The rain will end, the sun won't shine. We must define, what's yours and mine. Take care what is there, all of life we must share. Out of lust and greed, we take more than what we need. 


Mother Earth please forgive us for what we've done. We take you for granted and you're our only one.




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There are people we meet along the way to our dreams that sometimes cross our path that inspire us. I have met several, but one individual stands out by the light that encircles her. Although I've yet had the pleasure of meeting her in person, I can say it's nearly been a year since we met via various mutual friends on the social media hubs. I do hope that I get to finally meet this great lady soon. Olivia Fleemon was gracious enough to allow me to interview her for my column in between her very busy schedule, and thanks to the technology of email we were able to communicate. Whether you know her personally or not, you should keep your eyes open because this girl is going places fast...




Me: How old were you when you first realized what you wanted to be when you grew up?


Olivia: I believe I was 15 at a modeling expo when I realized I wanted to make acting and modeling a career. 


Me: Did you have support from loved ones and family about your decision?


Olivia: I did from my parents,...


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We are pushed and pulled in many different directions. Sometimes so much so that we don't know which way is the right way to go. Our lives entwine much like the spiderweb. If we follow the path like a web then we could easily get confused if we do not map it out for ourselves. And if we don't properly allow time for outlining the correct direction we can find ourselves lost in the threads that surround us. 

A spider weaves its web carefully, leaving enough space to tread without falling through. When the symbolism is used then we can learn the lesson from the spider that it is we that spin our own web of fate. Each silk is spun from actions set to purpose, and then from a twist of fate we create our destiny. 

If only we could see what the future holds for us. Would it change the decisions we make? Or is it simply a never ending lesson of trial and error? There is no true way to make certain that what we choose to do is what is meant to be. Or is it? Think about the possibilities of...

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