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Life can be pretty peculiar at times. Lately, my life has been filled with ups and downs. I know for several of you that follow my column I've not written anything new in a few weeks and perhaps wonder what's been going on with me. So let me share a few of my adventures with you...




This devil has been going down to Georgia on a couple of occasions, as I have posted on Facebook. The reason is because I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to be a background extra on one of my favorite shows on television. I'm not going to say what it is until it airs, and if I don't see myself at all in the background then I won't bother to mention it at all. I'm not one to brag about stuff like that, but I really don't want to embarrass myself either if I'm just a blur in the backdrop of a scene. Perhaps I'll be a lucky one and have a momentary achievement of being on tv, but I'm not going to hold my breath. The experience was every bit worth the trip, even the long hours with minimal pay, b...


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There's a danger in the night
You can't see it, you can't hear it
You can't win the fight
It can take you over...

There's a stranger in the dark
A wolf on the prowl
He can see right thru you
His bite worse than his bark

If you see him, don't look in his eyes
They'll lure you, possess you
Make your temperature rise...

A wolf in sheep's clothing
a devil in disguise 
He hunts you alone
And takes you by surprise...

There's a danger in the night
You can't see it, you can't hear it
You can't win the fight
It can take you over...

Your alone, lost in the woods
You can't go on
Not even if you could...

Masterful at deception
His seduction irresistible 
His touch like fire
No cure for the infection...

He'll haunt you
Get inside you
Control you
And there's no way out...

The wolf has no name
He runs on his own
No one owns him
He hunts alone

You can't free yourself from his grasp
You can't fight him, you can't win
If he consumes you, you won't last...

There's a danger in th...


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A woman in love is a beautiful creature. She's radiant, delightful, charismatic, and nothing can stop her. Break her heart, and her world falls apart. 

As women we know the challenges that we face everyday. It's not easy being a female, it's even harder when we have to work in a mans world. We don't struggle to be equals anymore, but sometimes the struggle carries to other areas. 

Self-image is by far the most difficult for women to adapt to. As humans we are biologically programmed to see what is aesthetically pleasing. An equal proportionate face, and equally proportionate hips are what draws the eyes. Society tells us what is biologically correct, and therein lies the problem. 

Women are in a constant battle with themselves to look, and feel the best they possibly can.  What is seen as beautiful by one person, is completely different from someone else. But how we see ourselves is not only a simple glance in the mirror, as what we are taught to be beautiful. 

Movies, telev...


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There comes a time in ones life that is the defining factor when it comes to change. It is one of the most frightening things that we as human beings can experience. We either look forward to it, or we run from it. Change however can be a very positive way of letting go the things in life that hold us back. We cannot move on if we're held down by our fears, the past, or even the unknown future. 

I personally have come to the point of crossing over to the next cycle of my life. I'm not leaving everything to chance, but I am dealing out all of my cards to see which hand plays out. If I'm not modeling, I'm submitting images from previous photo shoots, if I'm not submitting, I'm trying to get others to submit for a magazine I'm freelancing for. When I'm not doing any of those things then I'm writing. I write freelance articles for magazines, I write my column for others who look for hope, and I write everything else for myself. I am not paid for my work, my art, my words, or my talent at...


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I had the privilege of interviewing one of my all time favorite men on this

 planet, Mark Worman, founder of Graveyard Carz. Why, do you ask, is he my favorite? Of course many of you know that I'm a Mopar girl through and through; and Mr. Worman is a superhero to Mopars everywhere. He is, in fact, known at my house as the King of Mopar. Bringing dead cars back to life, to rule the pavement once more. I was in awe seeing him on TV and incredibly humbled speaking to him over the phone.



Phone rings...


Me: Hello


Mark: Hi, this is Mark Worman from Graveyard Carz. How are you?


Me: (Jumps up and down) I'm well. (So excited and nervous I could bust). Good morning to you. I want to thank you for doing the interview with me, it's such an honor. 


Mark: My pleasure. Now I understand you have some questions for me?


Me: Yes, I have ten questions that I have prepared. Shall we start?


Mark: Yes, I'm ready. 


Me: What age did you get your first Mopar?


Mark: I'd just turned 16, had been saving up since...

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