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I am reminded by every passing achievement why I continue to write this column. To put it more clearly, why I write it still. The answer, is integrity. It is not at all to boast about how many publications I've been in, or even how many articles I've had published. What began as my diary of sorts has led me to sharing more of how I got there, and how much it hurt in the process. 

There is absolutely nothing in this world that is easy to obtain. No one is just handed the winning lottery ticket and lives the all American dream. We have to work for it, no matter where we're from, what we do, or who we are. We all sing for our supper and in the end, pay the piper. But, no matter what leads us from point A to point C, it still ends at D. It's sad really, to think that we struggle to survive, almost like ants in a colony. We work mindlessly, following the herd of work, home, sleep, wake, and work again. This monotony is fine for some who believe that this is their only calling, for others i...


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Being a tattooed model is not as easy as I'd expected to be. Especially since I'm not a typical example one would probably see as such. I'm shorter than most, and am extremely curvy, and I'm definitely not the girl next door. I honestly don't even think I have that many tattoos on my body, but hey that just means there's room for more. 

I began modeling so to speak when I was 23, thereabouts. I have only recently within the past year had gotten back into it. Although I'd never been published before, I currently have been in seven magazines within only a few months time, with still approximately seven more dated to be published. I by no means brag about it. Perhaps I'm merely  humbled by it. 

I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would come this far. I owe it all to my photographers, and my friends and family who believed in me. They gave me the push I needed, helping me to realize that even nearing forty years of age I could still become a tattoo model. 

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The holidays have come and gone, leaving us at the mercy of the Mercury Retrograde. Whether you're familiar with this phenomenon, or a disbeliever than this occurrence you won't comprehend. During the retrograde things can spiral into chaos, or it can be a time of reflection, and it can even be a time of change. History can repeat itself for the short period it's in the reverse orbit, this of course is a good time to take heed to the lessons and learn from it. If you choose to look the other way chances are it will come back to haunt you. In the event that you do learn from these lessons then you are in for a change, for the better of course. 

First lets reflect on what we want to change and then do it. There's not a damn thing holding you back, only you can prevent change. Instead of making those New Years resolutions, how about you think about what is the result you're going for, instead of just simply stating your intentions. It will have more positive results going for the end goa...


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A reflection can sometimes be a window to the past.  As we gaze at our image we notice perhaps a new blemish if we are young, or if we are older we may notice other things such as a new grey hair or wrinkle. Our futures are as wide open, as the skies the limit, but if we have already taken a step further down the road we begin to feel we're running out of time. 

As I look upon my own reflection in the mirror I ponder. I feel as though I am running out of time. No matter what I've been told by others that I have plenty of time to achieve all my goals, I want to feel that I'm still young enough to enjoy the fruits of my labors. When I do look at my reflection, I look past the obviousness of growing older, and to see that's what it took to be where I am today. 

Looking back on my achievements I don't think I did too shabby when I started chasing my dreams six months ago. It's funny how you start down the rabbit hole only to come to the first door and it's locked, but the second do...

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