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It was a dismal and rainy day. The roads flooded with people who can't drive, and the stores filled with Black Friday leftovers. A nightmare come to life. 

I pass through the isles with care, focusing on my mediocre grocery list, avoiding those who appear disgruntled about everything. I came to the realization that I don't want to become one of "those people". You know, those that had big dreams, but let them pass by, leaving them wallowing in a cesspool of self-pity. I can't let that happen. 

I can't be the only person who stands in line daydreaming about the future, or skimming through the tabloids wondering what someone would write about me. I'm not a perfect individual, so I'm almost positive any number of things could be used out of context. But do I really want to be that famous where someone is rummaging through my garbage in the middle of the night? Hell yeah I do. 

My daydreams aren't as simple as big fat royalty checks, or my own reality tv show. But I would like to have...


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When opportunity knocks it's only natural to open the door. It's also natural to peak around the corner to see what might be ahead. Fear of the unknown is more than not a likely cause as to why we don't step inside. It acts as a prohibitor instead of an instigator, therefore causing an instantaneous slamming of the door. All of our hopes and dreams are now locked inside along with the key. Opportunity has closed the door. 

We are then left with regret. What if we don't get a second chance? We can ask all the questions we like, it still doesn't change the fact that we let opportunity pass us by. But if it's meant to be it will happen, right? That could perhaps be the case, but destiny is only a small part of the plan, the rest is up to you. The choice was made when you slammed the door, shut on a great possibility that only comes around when the time is right. Life is full of chances, but sometimes you only get one shot to prove your worth. 

Whether it be destiny or a game of chance...


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Today is Friday the 13th. It is by far one of my favorite days. Thirteen being my lucky number, and the fact that there's so much interesting superstitions involved. But I considerate to be a lucky day for me anyway. Although I've yet to have anything good come my way, I've yet to have anything bad happen either. 

Whether it be good luck or bad, I'm waiting patiently for some good to come full circle. I've had several things in my daily life come and turn everything upside down. I have pushed passed it and now I'm ready to continue down that ever winding road. I'm chasing the rabbit wherever it leads me. 

In life we sometimes make rash decisions, or in fact are put in a place where it's made for us. The bigger question is which one should I swallow? Both sides of the biscuit look scrumptious and quite tempting. But is it worth the risk of such extreme changes that I could undergo? I could take a really big bite and watch myself grow to the moon and back, or I could be cautious and...


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Light is a beacon from the darkness, however faint it may be. Sometimes we feel trapped, but through the tiny cracks we can see past it. It is then when we can finally open our eyes to let it in, and won't have to fear what is ahead. 

There are many times I have stumbled through the unknown. I tentatively reach out to try and feel my way around, afraid of what may be in front of me. With the softest caress of my fingers I grasp the closest solid object I can find. Strength comes in many forms, but the challenges we sometimes face are unstable. 

What have I learned from the mere thought of falling? Yes, it's scary. The fear that takes control of you and won't let go. In order to overcome it you must cling to the edge with all of your might so you can pull yourself back up. I have fallen many times trying to reach for my inner power to hold on and not let go. 

Letting go must also be learned. If you hold on to the negative than you can never heal. Memories can latch hold of you like...

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