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I am not the girl next door, nor will I ever be. I'm not a size zero, nor will I ever be. I'm not a perfect ten, nor will I ever be. I'm not a runway model, nor will I ever be. I'm no longer wishing to be what I'm not, nor will I ever again.

When I was a young girl I was never considered to be pretty. I was always picked on, and none of the boys noticed me. I was a nice girl, always trying to be friendly with everyone, especially the new students that would join our class, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep new friends. I wasn't a popular kid, and once the new kids I'd befriended found that out, they went to the other side of the lunchroom. 

Throughout the majority of my adolescent years I had only one,  or two friends in school, and it wasn't until I went into high school when I began to really blossom. The summer before my freshman year I had lost a lot of weight, and discovered I had lots of curves for a fifteen-year-old. I had let my hair grow out, and I had an inc...



Life is so unpredictable. One minute you're trying to figure things out, the next minute you're repeating yourself. You suddenly spiral out of control and hope to land on your feet. 

Once the dust clears, when you find out where you've landed you can brush yourself off and look all around.  Eyes wide with wonder at what you could have never imagined before, the path you've been searching all along. 

The road in front of you may not be paved in gold, but it's littered  with endless possibilities. Sometimes you have to pick up the pieces left behind in order to follow the right trail. Although you can't fit it all in one basket, it doesn't mean you can't try. 

At last you can truly begin the journey you've been preparing for. It can be a challenge, but that's half the adventure. One small step and you're on the way to places that can take you far. The navigation is set so follow your built in guide. 


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I'm not the person I dreamt I would be. I've not ac

complished my goals I set for myself in life. I've not been able to find my path and I feel lost. 

I'm still that scared insecure little girl with big dreams. But even the biggest dreams sometimes never come true, no matter how much I want believe in them. 

I want to be the strong woman that I set out to be. I feel as if I'm failing. If I could sustain my confidence I might have a chance to heal. Right now I only see myself as broken. 

I try to pick up the pieces, one by one. If I had the chance I'd put myself back together. But some things you simply cannot fix. Once it's destroyed nothing can mend it again. 

I believe happiness can only come from within. It can't be bought or sold. If I had the chance to be truly happy, I would hope that it comes from the heart. 


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It's another hazy day. Do you ever stop to smell the rain? The temperature is cool. It hasn't become a sticky hot day yet. I can smell the rain. 

A cool breeze is blowing in from the east. Perhaps help is on the way. I want to wait out the storm. But will it ever pass. I can hear answers in the wind. 

I watch the animals return to their homes. Mother Earth embraces them in shelter. I want to be among them. Are we really safe there? I want to follow their lessons. 

I hear music in the trees. The leaves turn upside down. I want to be able to absorb their wisdom. Do they have all the answers? I will listen to what they have to say. 

I walk of this Earth. She is beautiful and she is wise. We can learn from her. Have we weakened her? I shall heed her warnings. 

I will follow the path I've been granted. I will hear the wisdom I've been gifted. I will embrace my destiny I've been chosen. I will heal the hurt I've been frozen.

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